Radically Re-Envisioning Mobility

Disruptive technology and mobility expert specializing in real-world pilots, partnerships and policy.


Courtney Ehrlichman

is a subject matter expert and consultant on transportation technologies, connected and automated vehicles, shared-use mobility and smart cities. She launched The Ehrlichman Group after serving as Deputy Director of Traffic21 Institute and two National USDOT research centers at Carnegie Mellon University and co-founding RoadBotics, a CMU Robotics Institute start-up & AI-based road assessment tool.  

Courtney’s subject matter expertise sits at the intersection of emerging mobility, connected/ automated vehicles, shared-use, smart cities, economic development and land-use planning.

Courtney effectively translates complicated concepts to large audiences including roboticists, infrastructure managers, legislators, and laypersons. She is a contributing writer for The Drive. She also creates programs and curricula which are designed to educate the industry workforce about emerging tech and their associated impacts while offering professional credit hours.

Pittsburgh, PA is a hotbed for autonomous vehicles, from the research and development at Carnegie Mellon University to being one of Uber's AV test cities. Courtney Ehrlichman reminds us that as with any new transportation technology, policy must be for people first - and that includes a seat at the table to design our new policies.