TEDx Talk: Driverless Cars for the Rest of Us

June 2018

Courtney Ehrlichman reminds us that as with any new transportation technology, policy must be for people first - and that includes a seat at the table to design our new policies


Autonocast: The Future of Transportation Podcast

Feb 13, 2019

Joining the Autonocast podcast during the first Micromobility California Conference, held at a former Ford Model A factory in the San Francisco Bay to discuss how cities can balance the needs of autonomous vehicles and micromobility.


The Mobility Podcast: Pedals, Programs and Pittsburgh

Sept 8, 2017

A podcast about mobility, technology, people, and the policies that affect all of them.


Wisco Weekly: The Who, the What, and the Why of Universal Basic Mobility

August 2019

Discussing the concept of universal basic mobility with the Wisco Weekly podcast. Can the new socio-economic policy of UBM be the new guiding light for the automotive and mobility space to aspire to?


Going Deep: Understanding the Transportation Revolution

Feb 13, 2019

Discussing micro mobility and the wide range of considerations leaders and innovators need to take to steward a better future for all on the Going Deep with Aaron Watson podcast.


POLICYSMART: Emerging Mobility and Disruptive Technology

Jan 17, 2019

What are the trends in new mobility in 2019? How do you turn big data into useful information for decision-making? How do cities keep in mind issues like equity when implementing new technologies?


PBSNewsHour: How Pittsburgh is test driving tech to make your commute smarter

Sept 6, 2017

PBS reports on how robotics experts at Carnegie Mellon University are harnessing technology to address transportation woes.